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HELLOOOOO! Oh my gosh, hi!

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 Um, this is super weird. You might not remember me, or you might not know who I am. Either is fine, really.

I am so not used to this anymore, it scares me.

I can already tell this will be a rambly post, so here’s a fair warning, I tackle questions such as:

Where have you been?

What happened?

What’s the future of your blog?


I’m Dora. And I’m back (sorta) with an explanation.

First of all, if you’re still here, you’re the real MVP, congrats, trooper! I love you! 😀

Where do I even begin?

Well, it all started with the fail that I called ‘Blogmas’ last (?!?!?!!?? HOW was 2015 last year?!) year. I can honestly say that I wanted to do it, I was so “pumped” for it, but, alas!

It was so hard! I applaud all the other bloggers/vloggers that manage to post (more than) once a day, how do you guys do it?!

Nevertheless, I got super discouraged after that entire idea I had (which I started to plan in September, btw) flopped, so… I stopped.

I stopped blogging, I stopped reading blogs, I even stopped opening my WordPress app/dashboard. Everything stopped.

I was still active on Twitter and all that jazz, but I just couldn’t “open” that WordPress tab – I felt like it was a promise I broke. (as you can see, my writing game is not the highest, I can’t really explain it all too well)

I remember some time in February, I opened my account because I just missed it, and the first thing I noticed was that I had notifications. Turns out that people actually visited my blog more when I wasn’t blogging! How crazy is that? But when I opened my browser today, something urked me so much that I had to click this button with the white ‘W’ in a blue circle. I had to! It brought me here.

And what was waiting for me? A little orange circle by that bell icon, in the upper-right corner. Amazing! 😀

(I actually am very afraid of click on it and still haven’t opened it)


However, in my time off, I actually did stuff! (uber-descriptive, I know!)

I actually found and left a new passion of mine, which you might be able to tell from the first image of this post. It was animation! (and also drawing, which goes with that) I will most likely make a post about that, if there are people interested in that. 🙂

I’m currently dying in school, I’m graduating in a month, then I have an entrance exam for a college, isn’t that exciting, oh wow. (it’s been sucking out the life out of me, help me pls)

I still love makeup and beauty and all that jazz, but I’ve just been trying to wear as little of it as possible. Why? Well – a) I’ve been trying to clear up my skin, b) I’ve been trying to relay as little as possible on makeup for self-confidence (ya know how it is…) and c) I’ve gotten lazy as school got super intense.

** edit: as I have written this a few months ago and haven’t published it, I have to add a few things:

1) I did graduate and I got into uni! That starts in about a week and I’m terrified. 🙂

2) As I am of that ‘what am I doing with my life?!’ age, I have discovered a new new passion. Well, rediscovered – performing and musical theater. It’s something I can honestly say I always wanted to do and I have only now realised that I indeed can do it, if I work really hard for it (which I’m ready for), right?

3) I’ve been contemplating starting a YouTube channel where I could talk about my uni (mis)adventures. However, I was thinking of, instead of vlogging, I could do little animatics, maybe? More info in a soon-to-be-written post, I predict. 😉

So, what is the future of this blog? Well, first of all I can’t promise you a post every day. Especially not with uni looming right around the corner. But, I can promise you that I will try my darnest best to provide at least something! (as often as possible!)

And what will that be? I’ve been debating and thinking about this and I just can’t stay only in the “beauty” sphere. Now, before you run to that ‘unfollow’ button, hear me out, I’m not saying that I’m completely leaving it, I’m just saying that I might feature content that isn’t always about beauty.

I still love makeup and playing with makeup, so don’t expect those posts to ever go. 😉 There will just be some more different content. ( that you maybe don’t know you love, yet! 😉 )

What I mean by that is writing about what I’m passionate about at the moment, writing about my day (I’ve been daily vloggin’ a lot lately, I’ve no idea why but this idea of documenting your day and than watching it in the future has always been fascinating to me – I was a daily vlogger before YouTube, haha! – especially nowadays, I’ve not been posting them anywhere, just keeping it in a folder I have called “random”), et .

Woah, there’s already more than 800 words to this post, holy crap!

Okay, I think I should stop rambling now.

Thank you so much for reading!

How have you been? What’s new with you and your blog? What has happened in these 9 months that I’ve been away? 😀

I would actually love to hear about your lives and how they’ve changed, so please do leave your stories/thoughts/blog posts in the comments, if you’d like. 🙂


~ Dora


(I forgot how I end my posts…. this just happened)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen Rees says:

    Soooo lovely to have you back again huni, and don’t be too intimidated by that little orange circle – I promise it will be all nice things 😀 Congrats on making it to uni – how very exciting!!!! The wonderful thing about blogging is that you make your own rules…. so whether you post once a week or once a year, it’s up to you! Really looking forward to seeing your new content, and whatever you do don’t push yourself to blog or feel guilty if you don’t manage to get a post up in time…. we’ll all be here when you’re ready 🙂 Big huge hugs XXXXXX

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dora says:

      ahhhh, thank you so so so much, Karen!!
      I knowww, it’s so exciting, yet so overwhelming!

      thank you so much, again, karen, you’re one of the very few people that’s been so super supportive from day 1 and it’s just so refreshing! 😀

      hope you have the loveliest evening!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Karen Rees says:

        This is just the loveliest thing in the world to read – thank you for such kind words!!!! You’ve been such an awesome wee blog buddy and it’s wonderful to have you back *huge hugs* XXXXX

        Liked by 1 person

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