#BLOGMAS | Stuffing Stuffers for HIM under $25


Hello everyone!

Just a quick little update to tell you that I was one of the guest bloggers for Sonam’s #BLOGMAS! 😀
Feel free to go over to her blog and say ‘Hello! 😀

Thank you so much for having me, Sonam, it’s been a blast!

~ Dora


Sonam Naidu

A#BLOGMAS guest post from the ridiculously creative, intelligent and astoundingly informative – Dora!

Hello everyone! Before I get further into this post, let me introduce myself – my name’s Dora and I’ll be your host for today. I run a blog called SoDora, if you were curious and I’m pretty sure Sonam is one of the first people that came across my blog…. Ever! So, when she asked me to do this little segment, I was over the moon, filled with excitement! (thanks so much for this opportunity, Sonam, it means a lot!) Without further ado, let’s get into this post! Enjoy! 😀

Ladies, let’s face it – sometimes you just can’t think of a gift for your guy friend/boyfriend /other male figures in your life. Well, frankly, I feel for you. I don’t have that particular problem myself, as I don’t have (any) guy friends (worth getting stocking stuffers for)… Which is…

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