Behind The Blog… featuring Oh So Dora


So, today I have for you a little treat – I had the absolute honor of being featured on the lovely Karen’s ‘Behind The Blog’ series (where she interviews other bloggers) – here is the interview!
And if you’re not already, you should pop over there and give her a cheeky hello! 😀 Her blog is truly amazing – one of my favourites!

Also, if you’d like to get involved, all the info will be linked in the post. 🙂

Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Karen!


Oh So Dora

Morning Chums…

How is everyone this fine September day? It’s all bizz here as I’m preping a few crafty projects that are perfect for fall… I’m sure you’ll all love them as much as I will doing them, however a quick trip to Ikea is essential before I tackle anything so I’m keeping fingers firmly crossed that I’ll get a little creative shopping spree squeezed into the schedule this week! It seems this time of year ignites a whole host of DIY notions as I’ve also taken to organising the house from top to bottom as well as having a maaahoosive clear out in the process. Feeling super renewed for the new season!

However enough of my chatter as it’s time to plump up the cushions on the virtual sofa once again and make room for another sassy young lady to give us a peek behind the scenes. This week I’m joined by…

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