The Key To Silky Smooth Hair

Hello there! 🙂 Dora here.

So, you may have seen the title and gone ‘What the hell?’ That’s why I’ll just get right into it. The key to silky smooth hair is

HASK Argan Oil: Repairing Conditioner, Repairing Shine Hair Oil & Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment .

20141123_162957 copy

Now, before you go ‘ugh another review’ and click away, just listen to me. These products have really done wonders.

 A couple of months ago I was on holiday in Spain and I walked into a huge PRIMARK and whilst I was cueing to pay, there was this Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Treatment (which I like to call ‘Hair Mask’) which caught my eye. Also, conveniently enough, the night before I ran out of conditioner and had to get a new one. So, I picked it up and decided to try it out that night and the result was so much better than I expected. The next day I went back to PRIMARK and got the Repairing Shine Hair Oil and Repairing Conditioner.

DSC_0781 copy
HASK Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment
20141114_162801 copy
HASK Argan Oil Repairing Conditioner

So, considering I was in PRIMARK and that I thought it was only a clothing store, I had really low expectations for this product, but also considering it contained argan oil (which I’ve heard was really good for your hair) as well as keratin and that it was only 4.5€, I gave it a go. I was never so surprised in my life. I left it on my (wet) hair for 5 minutes and even then I could feel something was different than when I used my regular conditioner. I rinsed it off and left it air dry for a bit. Then, when it was semi-dry, I blow dried the rest and let me tell you… my hair has never felt so soft. It was literally like silk. Also, I naturally have such thick, frizzy and ‘wild’ hair that I sometimes can’t even brush it out but when I used this it was so smooth and there were no tangles at all. (I did brush it when I was washing it off) It was truly incredible. My hair was so full of body and volume, it was like I went to the salon and got it done. (No, I’m serious, my friends kept touching my hair and asking me which hairdresser I went to. They were shocked when I told them it was just by using these products.)

After I absolutely fell in love with Hair Mask, I went back to PRIMARK and got the rest of the collection. Actually, I got everything except the shampoo which I’m regretting so much. But, the next time I go to a PRIMARK, I will be getting the Shampoo as well.

HASK Argan Oil Repairing Shine Hair Oil

So, I find that the Repairing Shine Hair Oil is great in a combo with the Repairing Conditioner. I think it really does make your hair super shiny and smooth. I apply the Repairing Conditioner the same way I do the Hair Mask, except I leave it on for about 2 minutes instead of 5 which implies that the Repairing Conditioner is weaker comparing to the other product. (which is pretty clear, even by just reading the title) That is mostly why I feel this product is better when combined with the oil. Actually, I use the Repairing Conditioner on more of the day to day basis and the Hair Mask on a more important day, mostly because there is 355ml of the first product and only about 50g of the second one. (even though you don’t need a crazy amount of it)

The Oil itself is great to use after you’ve washed your hair and before you dry it, maybe even before you straighten/curl it. It does come in a small tube (18ml) but, really, a small amount is more than enough.

Also, what I forgot to mention is that it smells amazing. It has a kind of light citrus-y smell. I have legitimately gotten compliments on the smell of my hair after using this.

All in all, I freaking love HASK hair products and will definitely be buying more as soon as I get to a PRIMARK. If you have frizzy, thick hair that can’t be tamed and you’re interested in getting these yourself, be sure to either check in your nearest PRIMARK or:

click here (Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment, $2.99 in Ulta), here (Repairing Shine Oil, $2.99 in Ulta), here (Repairing Conditioner, $5.99 in Ulta) or here (The Shampoo, $5.99 in Ulta)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it possibly made you try some new products that you’ve either never heard of before or never thought of trying. 🙂

Thank you for reading.

See you soon.~ Dora


**all of the photos have been taken by me **

(This all sounds really sponsored and really dishonest, but it’s not, I promise you.)

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