Homemade Waffle Recipe :D

Hello! 🙂 Dora here and today I’m going to talk about something non-beauty nor fashion – related (But DON’T worry, there will be posts about that here soon… I have a few ideas for those posts too ;)) and that is *drum role, please* cooking!

Firstly, I’d like to say that I am in no way a professional cook. In fact, up until a few months ago I was only able to prepare frozen foods (those pizzas you buy frozen and the only thing you need to do is heat them up), ‘soup dust’ (that’s what I call the soup from the bag where you only need to pour boiling water over and BOOM, you have a soup) and sometimes pancakes. (I’d prepare them and all, but they wouldn’t be edible…) This was such a step for me! haha

One day (yesterday) I decided that I was going to prepare something to eat. I was craving sweets but I wanted something homemade, not just a Mars bar or something like that. (I’m really picky when I crave something)  So, I decided to make Waffles. I opened my grandmother’s cook-book (she has this gigantic book where she writes all the recipes she knows… it’s really cool) and found what I was looking for. The ingredients were pretty simple, so I didn’t need to make a trip to the store.

So, without further ado, here’s my waffle recipe:

~ Ingredients ~

(for 4 people, 12 Waffles, depends how big you make them)

1. 2 cups* of flour

2. 1 spoon of baking powder

3. 1/4 of a spoon of baking soda

4. 1/4 of a spoon of salt (just so it’s not too sweet)

5. 1/4 of a cup (5 spoons) of sugar

6. 1/4 of a cup of yogurt (or buttermilk)

7. 1 cup of milk

8. 2 eggs

9. 1/4 of a cup (7 spoons, somewhere around 75g) of melted, unsalted butter

10. *optional* if you want chocolate waffles, add 1 spoon of cocoa powder/dust

* 1 cup = 250ml


First, we’re going to separate the ingredients into ‘dry ones’ and ‘wet ones’

Dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar (and cocoa powder, if you chose to add it)

Wet ingredients: yogurt (buttermilk), milk, eggs

(the butter will be melted separately and added in the end)

Okay, now we’re going to add all the dry ones in a bowl and mix it.

(While doing that, let the butter melt and let it cool off a bit)

In a separate bowl will be the wet ones. First, crack two eggs and stir them until there’s a kind of foamy top. (a.k.a. until it’s well-mixed-together) When that’s done, add the yogurt (buttermilk) and the milk.

Next, you just pour the ‘wet’ ingredients into the ‘dry’ ones. (DON’T do it the other way around. you will get powder/dust everywhere… I’m sure you knew that, but this is just a little reminder because I care and don’t want you to ruin your kitchen/wherever you’re making this 😉 ) Stir those ingredients together until the mixture is smooth. (there is no crumples)

Then, slowly add the butter, while stirring.

As soon as little bubbles appear on top, the mixture is done. 🙂

Now, all you need to do is let it ‘chill’ on room temperature for about 15 minutes.

In the meantime, get your waffle-maker ready. If you don’t have one, use a regular pan. (just like when you make pancakes)

And that’s it 😀


(those are my waffles :D)


There are many ways you can serve waffles. You can basically put anything you like on there!

I’ve came up (I didn’t really make these up, I just know what I eat with my waffles) with my top 5 ways of serving your waffles:

1.  whipped cream and strawberries – possibly my favorite, it’s pretty self-explanatory: you just take some whipped cream and put it on your waffle(s), then, get some strawberries, wash them, cut them however you’d like, and put them on top and VOILA!


2. melted chocolate – (I wouldn’t recommend this if you decided to make chocolate waffles, but if you want to, you can do it) so, what you want to do is put a bar of dark chocolate (or mixing chocolate) small pot (which you can heat up) and add a little milk. Put it on a hotplate and stir it until the chocolate is melted. Pour it over your waffle, afterwords.

3. crushed cookies – take some cookies (or biscuits) and crumble them over your waffles. To make this even better, first add whipped cream and on top the crumbled cookies. You can also put chocolate syrup over or anything you like.

4. Berries – just adding fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries…) to your waffle can be super delicious (and healthy!)

5. Banana and dark chocolate / blueberries and white chocolate – two versions:

a) take a banana and cut it in slices, melt the chocolate the same way I explained in no. 2, add the banana and pour the melted chocolate over it. You can also add an ice cream scoop on top.

b) wash some blueberries and put them in a fridge (that’s optional, you don’t have to do that, I just prefer to eat them cold) and melt the chocolate (you already know how)

And that’s all!

Pretty easy, huh?

If you liked this recipe and maybe even decided to give it a go, let me know in comments (if that’s okay with you O:) it would be nice to get some feedback if you enjoyed your waffles :))

I hope you enjoyed this little recipe. I might do some more of these in the future, but next up is the beauty/fashion/makeup post 🙂

That’s all for now.

Hope to see you again soon! 🙂

~ Dora

(PS: most od the photos are from Google since I didn’t have all the ingredience to make all of those…
PPS: My Twitter 🙂 )

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